Good food for your brain

Medical doctors and nutritionists are in agreement. A healthy and balanced diet makes an important contribution to the function of brain metabolism. After all, our brain consumes over a fifth of our daily energy requirements. Especially at conferences and seminars, participants and organisers wish to be fully receptive. We provide energetic food and drinks with the most important energy suppliers.

Our conference concept

The kitchen team of the Hotel Bad Minden has intensively dealt with healthy and brain-friendly nutrition for seminar participants. Highly concentrated and in a good mood your guests start the seminar with brain-friendly nutrition.
For this we have worked out an extensive program for you: "BRAINFOOD".

A conference under the motto "Brainfood" could look like the following:


As a welcome: „Power Greeting“
Brain Shake: fruit juice, hazelnuts, oat flakes, honey, yoghurt und bourbon - vanilla

Used on the seminar tables: „Brain – Jogging“
Nuts and dried fruit

To the coffee break: „Power Break“
Ayurvedic tea, coffee specialities, fruit basket, snacks and fruit smoothies

Lunch: „Slow Food“ - Menue example:

Carrot ginger soup with walnut oil and black bread croutons

Main dish
Poached salmon fillet with orange basil sauce, leaf spinach and rice mix


Chicken breast stuffed with mediterranean vegetables and olives combined

with a hearty tomato sauce and wholemeal penne

Light buttermilk panna cotta with berry compote

Vegetables and salads contain various vitamins that promote brain circulation (vitamin C, beta-carotene). Wholemeal bread and wild rice contain stress-relieving magnesium and vitamins of the B group, which are considered to be actual nerve and brain vitamins. They increase the switching speed of the brain cells by about a quarter. Poulard meat supplies iron, the mineral is an important component of the red blood cells, which transport oxygen to the organs and the brain. Poultry is low-fat and easily digestible. Olive oil provides important fatty acids that protect the cardiovascular system, and also contains a lot of vitamin E, which promotes blood circulation in the brain. Yoghurt, cream cheese and other dairy products (Panna Cotta) provide calcium, which is needed for the smooth transmission of nerve impulses, among other things. Fish is the best source of Omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are essential components of the brain and nerve cells. They counteract high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Berries contain particularly high levels of antioxidants, which ensure good brain circulation and prevent deposits in the blood vessels. The whole menu is composed in such a way that a strong increase in blood sugar levels is prevented. You will feel fit, powerful and full for a long time.

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