Creative coffee breaks

„Death to the boring conference biscuits"

Surprise your conference participants with our varied coffee breaks. Our theme coffee breaks ensure a successful break and lots of interaction between the participants.

In addition to the obligatory coffee and tea from the coffee bar, choose your favourite supplement from the following alternatives:

For the morning

Crispy start into the day

  • Mini - Croissant nature- with our homemade jam to combine yourself
  • filled mini fruit pastry

Vital break

  • Green smoothies
  • Fresh fruit salad with natural yoghurt and quark
  • Vegetable sticks with green herb sauce
  • Wholemeal slice with turkey breast and curry dip

Focaccia - Sandwich Break -

Foacaccia are round wheat rolls seasoned with olives and rosemary and topped with Mediterranean sausage, cheese and vegetarian spreads.

Bagel - Break

Bagels with cream cheese and...

  • and grilled Mediterranean vegetables
  • Italian salami
  • Serrano ham and parmesan
  • Turkey breast and mango chutney

For the afternoon

Coffee break

Freshly baked butter waffles, produced in front of the conference participants with our Belgian waffle iron, in addition: hot cherries and Bourbon - vanilla ice cream

"Kinder" - Break

Kinder chocolate is a confectionery product made by the Italian company Ferrero. We put together a variety of these chocolate creations and present them in a decent manner. 

Oktoberfest break (ideal in autumn during the Oktoberfest season)

  • Mini biscuits topped with butter, cream cheese and herb cream cheese
  • Cheese cubes and meatballs on a skewer on a wooden board
  • small, alcohol-free mini wheat beers as isotonic refreshment

Small ice cream parlour - the refreshment ideal in summer

Ice specialities from the ice cream stand with toppings to combine yourself

Conference participants can put together their own individual ice-cream sundae - in a waffle or bowl - with typical ice cream parlour accessories.

For the evening / closing: Front cooking

When it comes to front cooking, communication and interaction are the main focus, in addition to the great food. While the professionals are cooking, your guests' mouths are already watering: It hisses, it steams and above all it smells seductively good - so that your conference participants don't need another topic of conversation for this moment.

We entertain your guests and spoil them with our freshly cooked specialities:


We grill "live" - with or in front of your guests - classic or modern - fish, meat or vegetarian - in the beer garden or exclusively on our outdoor terrace - grilling is simple and popular in equal measure.

Bavarian evening in a typical beer garden

Immerse yourself in the real - Bavarian beer garden atmosphere,
with pretzels, Tegernseer Hell and crusty roast you create a sociable contrast to a successful conference day. 

Suckling pig dinner

The community experience! Our chef grills a whole suckling pig. Afterwards the suckling pig is carved in front of the guests. We serve various salads and baked potatoes with it. Of course we also offer a vegetarian alternative for your guests.

Framework programme

Especially the informal times, such as break, lunch and dinner and the long evenings are especially important for the learning and group dynamic process. We therefore offer meaningful supporting opportunities for leisure activities. Just ask us!

A few first suggestions:

  • Shipping on the Weser
  • Segway tour through the Weser meadows
  • Cocktail training and small mixing course
  • Yoga - Session as a "break break"
  • (Night) - Archery in the beer garden
  • Bowling - or skittles fun
  • Grill BBQ / Suckling pig dinner

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