Hotel Bad Minden

A house with a long tradition


The Hotel Bad Minden is now in the 6th generation. In 1874 an inn was operated on the site of the current hotel. At that time it was the only communication center in the vicinity.

Exactly 20 years later, a bathhouse was added to the gastronomic wing, in which the brine, extracted from the manhole of a former coal mine 1 km away, was used as bathing water and for therapeutic purposes.

At that time the company was called "Henrietten-Quelle" and was the contact point for the predominantly peasant - rural population.

At that time there were no machines to support the harvest. So the potatoes also had to be picked by hand. The rheumatic complaints caused by this circumstance were tried to be cured in the Henrietten spring, which later became the Minden saltwater pool.

At the same time, the bathing establishment also saw a welcome opportunity to exchange ideas with the more distant neighbor - as a replacement, so to speak, for the non-existent newspaper or the non-existent radio and television. Cures in the Minden salt bath was also a social event.

In the 1920s, some guest rooms were added. At the same time, a coffee garden was created on the area of today's beer garden.

In the 1930s and 1940s, today's Hotel Bad Minden was particularly well-known for the fact that garrison members gathered there to dance on the weekend. Many have found their happiness here - which, incidentally, also applied to the period from 1955 to 1965, a time with the traditional "dance tea".

As a result of further expansion phases, the hotel now has 30 modern hotel rooms, banquet and conference rooms as well as a medical bath department. In 1990 the garden - today a beer garden - was successfully put into operation again. Then as now, the hotel tries to adapt to the new and familiar guest wishes.

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